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Button Badges & Name Badges

Custom Button Badges make excellent promotional items. They have been around for over a century, starting out as one-inch metal disks wrapped in celluloid to replace the more expensive enamel badge.
Since then, button badges have evolved both in production and in purpose, and have been used for political campaigns, protests, and fashion statements. Nowadays, button badges are more popularly used for promotional items and corporate giveaways. Here’s why:
Button badges are relatively inexpensive to make and order, compared to other small promotional items like pens and magnets and notepads. All it takes is a small investment and you can get badges manufactured by the thousands, and the more pieces you have, the bigger the audience you can reach with your custom badges.
All you really need is a design to fit into the badge. You can use your company logo, your slogan, or even photos. Button badges can be printed in full color and come with an assortment of pins and fittings. You can get them in different sizes and in any shape you want for die-cut badges
Other promotional items require to be shipped, and that can eat into your marketing budget. Button badges can easily fit in your hand, making it easy to distribute to your prospects, or include in their purchase as a thank you.
Button badges are simple to use, and your choice of fitting means that you can either pin it, clip it on, or use a magnet to hold it in place. The concept of the button badge is so simple yet so user-friendly that people hardly need any persuasion to actually wear them.
Your customers can take the button badge with them anywhere! Other promotional items are best used in the home or office, but button badges can be easily pinned to clothing and bags. Furthermore, since they are designed to be removable, button badges can easily change hands.
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